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  • indents — in·dent || ɪn dent n. notch, incision; depression, dent; indentation, blank space left between a margin and the beginning of a printed or written line; act of indenting a document; request for supplies (British) v. make a notch, make an… …   English contemporary dictionary

  • intends — indents …   Anagrams dictionary

  • Indentation — An indentation may refer to: A notch, or deep recesses; for instance in a coastline, or a carving in rock The placement of text farther to the right to separate it from surrounding text. The first meaning is also applied in hardness measurement… …   Wikipedia

  • Nanoindentation — is a variety of indentation hardness tests applied to small volumes. Indentation is perhaps the most commonly applied means of testing the mechanical properties of materials. The nanoindentation technique was developed in the mid 1970s to measure …   Wikipedia

  • Dorohozhychi (Kiev Metro) — Dorohozhychi Kiev Metro station Station Hall …   Wikipedia

  • Incremental sheet forming — (or ISF) is a sheet metal forming technique where a sheet is formed into the final workpiece by a series of small incremental deformations. Generally, the sheet metal is formed by a round tipped tool, typically 5 to 20mm in diameter. The tool,… …   Wikipedia

  • Huron, Lake — Lake, U.S. and Canada. The second largest of the Great Lakes of North America, it is bounded by Michigan and Ontario, and is about 206 mi (330 km) long with an area of 23,000 sq mi (59,570 sq km). Inflow comes from Lake Superior, Lake Michigan,… …   Universalium

  • indent — I UK [ɪnˈdent] / US verb Word forms indent : present tense I/you/we/they indent he/she/it indents present participle indenting past tense indented past participle indented 1) [transitive] to start a line of writing or printing further from the… …   English dictionary

  • Dice — For other uses, see Dice (disambiguation). Four coloured dice showing all six possible sides (on a right handed, 6 sided die with pips) A die (plural dice, from Old French dé, from Latin datum something which is given or played )[1] …   Wikipedia

  • Geography of Kuwait — Satellite image of Kuwait Kuwait is situated in Southwest Asia, bordering the Persian Gulf, between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Once a small Persian Gulf sheikhdom known locally as a center for pearl diving and boat construction, Kuwait came to… …   Wikipedia

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